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2023 Círculo de Oro MX Silver x2

2023 Círculo de Oro MX Bronze x1

2022 Ojo de Iberomérica Silver

2022 Ojo de Iberoamérica Shortlist x1


Take off

your machismo

Chief Creative Officer: Humberto Polar

Creative Director: Arah Kim

Art Director: Giovanni Rozo

Writer: Jomi García

Designer: Xareli Hernández

Felt your belt tight? Among unique and beautiful things, Mexico is horrible well-known worldwide because of the word "macho." This manhood culture is rooted in the most profound rules, content, and behaviors; it dictates how a man should be, feel, and dress.

Baron is a unique brand because it fights bias and prejudices not only through its ads but with the products themselves. If you are a man and haven't worn a skirt, are you sure you have found your style by yourself?

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